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ICYMI: GOP Legislators Put Profits Over Lives

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Even as top public health officials caution that the United States is nowhere near ready to start lifting measures designed to combat the coronavirus pandemic, Republican legislators across the country are coming out against necessary public health measures, threatening the lives and health of their constituents.

Americans — including Republicans — overwhelmingly support the current stay-at-home orders and are cautious about moving too quickly to ease social distancing. Even so, Republicans are quickly caving to right-wing activists and the only constituent they really care about: President Trump, who has repeatedly urged states to ignore medical advice while abdicating his own responsibility to deal with the crisis.

Between dangerous votes to override executive orders and inflammatory rhetoric, Republicans are quickly outdoing each other in a grotesque competition to put Americans’ lives in danger:

Republicans’ defiance of public health recommendations comes as the number of cases and deaths continue to mount across the country, while the Trump administration’s own health experts cautioned that the country is not ready to relax restrictions.

“There’s nothing like a crisis to expose Republicans for who they really are,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “Republicans are putting right-wing interests over people’s lives and ignoring solutions backed by medical experts. We’re going to make sure voters hold them accountable for their recklessness this November and beyond.”