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ICYMI: Indiana House Speaker Is a Registered Lobbyist in NYC

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — News broke today that Republican Indiana House Speaker Todd Huston has been a registered lobbyist for the College Board in New York City since 2015, even though he claims to have never lobbied for his employer before. Huston chalks the discrepancy up to an honest mistake, alleging that his name appeared on paperwork as a lobbyist for six years in a row without anyone noticing. 

“There’s nothing worse than a public official trading on their position to enrich themselves or their employer,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “The people of Indiana deserve a real explanation, immediately. If voters can’t trust their representatives to put their community first, how can they expect them to tackle the challenges we face as a nation? Hoosiers deserve better.”

According to New York City law, incorrect or incomplete filings are considered a violation of the lobbying law and can be subject to penalties. 

Huston became speaker earlier this year and faces a tough reelection race in the Indianapolis suburbs as voters across the country increasingly sour on the Republican Party. Next week, he faces DLCC Spotlight Candidate Aimee Rivera Cole, an attorney and community activist.