ICYMI: MS Senate Republicans Pass Bill White-Washing History Days Before Black History Month

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WASHINGTON — Only a few days before the start of Black History Month, Mississippi Senate Republicans passed a bill that would whitewash the teaching of American history despite their Black colleagues walking out of the chamber and withholding their votes in protest. Senate Bill 2113 is the latest in a coordinated, nationwide effort by the GOP to hijack our education system and prevent teaching about slavery, the underground railroad, and the many contributions and accomplishments of Black Americans throughout our history. DLCC President Jessica Post issued the following statement in response: 

“Republicans know they can’t solve the real problems facing working families so they invent fake ones. Even Sen. Michael McLendon, the sponsor of S.B. 2113, can’t point to a specific Mississippi school or curriculum that proves the need for this bill. The GOP is stoking voters’ fears, interfering with our teachers’ work, and perpetuating systems of white supremacy in a brazen attempt to win elections. State Democrats will continue to stand with educators to teach the truth and deliver real solutions to real problems.”

Republican Sen. Michael McLendon, the sponsor of the bill, couldn’t point to a single shred of evidence proving a need for this legislation. The Mississippi Department of Education had previously confirmed that critical race theory is not taught in any Mississippi school, further proving that this bill is a false solution for a fictional problem and would only exacerbate and manipulate parents’ fears and take away teachers’ ability to do their jobs and prepare students for the future. Mississippi Republicans are clearly more interested in divisive cultural issues than addressing clear problems in the state like expanding Medicaid to ensure constituents have access to health care during a raging global pandemic.