ICYMI: New Hampshire Republicans Oppose COVID Relief

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the gaps in America’s safety net, but even that won’t stop Republicans from opposing measures to support hardworking families. Democrats in the New Hampshire General Court stepped up to pass paid family leave and a moratorium on evictions during the crisis over Republican opposition, but Governor Chris Sununu wasted no time in vetoing the bills.

“We will only get through this crisis by supporting our communities, which is why it’s so disappointing that Republicans in New Hampshire and across the country keep standing in the way,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee National Press Secretary Christina Polizzi. “Democrats across the country are fighting for their communities, but the GOP is stuck doing what it knows best: obstruction.”

After flipping both legislative chambers in New Hampshire from red to blue in 2018, Democrats have repeatedly passed legislation to help Granite State families over the strenuous objections of New Hampshire Republicans, who have stood in the way of any progress.

“It’s clear that Democrats in Concord are the only ones who are fighting for Granite Staters,” added Polizzi. “This November, we’re going to hold Republicans accountable by expanding our majority.”