ICYMI: Pennsylvania Democratic House Leader Joanna McClinton From the Statehouse Floor, “You Are Silencing All of Us”

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WASHINGTON — In response to Pennsylvania Republicans’ proposed constitutional amendment that could open the door to total abortion bans, Democratic House Leader Joanna McClinton took to the House floor last week to powerfully defend safe and legal abortion access in a now-viral speech. McClinton denounced Republicans for their proposed amendment that would shirk the governor’s veto and passionately called out the GOP’s use of anti-democratic tactics to attack the reproductive rights of Pennsylvanians. McClinton then joined MSNBC’s The Mehdi Hassan Show over the weekend to condemn the GOP’s crusade against abortion access and hold Republicans accountable in front of a national audience.

Pennsylvania Democratic House Leader Joanna McClinton: When You Silence Us, You Silence Millions of Pennsylvanians

State Democrats like McClinton are fighting back against GOP attacks in their states and taking decisive action to keep life-saving reproductive care safe and legal for millions. Earlier this year, the DLCC launched the States to Save Roe fund to ensure Democratic lawmakers across the country are supported in the fight to save reproductive rights.