ICYMI: POLITICO: Inside the Democratic strategy to expand voting rights state by state

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WASHINGTON — Republicans are in the midst of a well-funded, well-coordinated effort to roll back voting rights across the country. Republican state legislators have doubled down on Trump’s “big lie” and are using it to pass the most widespread and restrictive voter suppression laws since Jim Crow.

But as POLITICO details, new Democratic majorities are moving quickly to expand access to the ballot box. The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee and Democratic lawmakers across the country are working together to protect the right to vote, expand access to the ballot box, and stop Republican voter suppression efforts.

POLITICO: Inside the Democratic strategy to expand voting rights state by state

Red and blue states are on opposite tracks in shaping the electoral process: As Republicans pass some of the most restrictive voting laws of modern times, Democrats are ramping up a strategy to expand voting rights by passing bill after bill to make it easier for more Americans to access the ballot box…

Recent years have been pivotal for Democrats’ hold on statehouses as they gained back seats lost long ago, shifting power in enough places that the party was free to pursue voting rights expansions and progressive causes like criminal justice and police reforms…

That cross-country collaboration played into the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee’s recruitment of Marc Elias, a nationally recognized Democratic elections lawyer, to brief state lawmakers in recent weeks.

Those meetings, Elias said, are intended to ensure that legislators are “armed with all of the tools for how to make voting more accessible to their citizens and how to fight back against the ‘big lie’ that Republicans are telling legislatures around the country,” he said in an interview, referring to Republicans’ argument that voting laws need to be tightened up to guard against fraud.