ICYMI: “Rep. Matt Maddock, wife join conservative Facebook group discussing possibility of civil war”

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WASHINGTON — The Detroit Free Press published a shocking report that Michigan GOP Representative Matt Maddock, who rallied a crowd that would later attempt to siege the Capitol, joined a Facebook group that discussed a potential civil war and expressed hope for a “big cleanup” of elected officials. Since his presence at last week’s violent attack on the U.S. Capitol, he’s been called to resign by the DLCCMichigan Democratic lawmakers, and local residents.

Republican Speaker Jason Wentworth has refused, via a spokesperson, to condemn Representative Maddock or to take disciplinary action against him.

“Matt Maddock is dangerous,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “Michigan House Speaker Jason Wentworth and Michigan Republicans have yet to condemn Maddock’s involvement in the deadly coup or join in Democrats’ calls for Maddock to resign. The Republican Party has a responsibility to denounce the extremists in their ranks and the violent rhetoric they have allowed to take over their party. This could not be more urgent in the face of planned attacks across this country.”

Maddock and his wife — the incoming Michigan Republican Party co-chair — led the efforts to overturn Michigan’s presidential election results, organized buses to bring Trump supporters to the nation’s capital, and spoke at a rally the day before the attack.

At least 17 current or former Republican state legislators participated in the insurrection last Wednesday. The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee has called for every one of them to resign immediately. National Republican leadership has still not condemned the actions of these lawmakers who participated in the attack on our democracy.