ICYMI: SC Rep. Spencer Wetmore on MSNBC: “It Sounds Like These Bills Should Just Be Proposals From Some Fringe Side Of The Republican Party, But They Are Not”

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WASHINGTON — As South Carolina Republicans push a dangerous and unpopular abortion ban that will put lives in danger, state Representative Spencer Wetmore went on MSNBC this weekend to sound the alarm about the implications of this legislation. This bill, which has passed the House Judiciary Committee and is on its way to the House floor, currently stands as a total abortion ban with no exceptions for rape or incest. Representative Wetmore made it clear how extreme this legislation is, how it will harm South Carolinians and doctors, and notes that this is now the mainstream position of the GOP.

MSNBC: S.C. Rep. Spencer Wetmore: “If you’re raped as an adult, best of luck”