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ICYMI: Virginia Democrats Continue Fundraising Success

Press Releases

WASHINGTON As the general election approaches, Virginia House Democrats continue to show financial strength, raising over $3 million combined in the latest reports. Democrats also reported having almost $10 million in cash on hand, nearly double that of House Republicans’ $4.9 million. These strong fundraising numbers show that Virginia Democrats have momentum in the competitive battle for the House of Delegates majority. 

“As Election Day approaches, Virginia Democrats have built up a warchest that will help them defend this critical majority,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign President Jessica Post. “Holding the Virginia House is the number one priority for state legislative Democrats this year, and they’re not about to be caught asleep at the wheel. With just over three months to go, these fundraising numbers show strong grassroots support and demonstrate that Democrats are ready to take their message to Virginians.” 

Since winning a majority in 2019, Virginia Democrats have made historic progress to move the commonwealth forward. Earlier this month, dozens of new laws on issues from LGBTQ rights to criminal justice reform went into effect thanks to the Democratic majority. These strong fundraising reports will ensure that Democrats are able to continue enacting legislation to improve the lives of all Virginians. 

As November shapes up to be an immensely competitive election, continued strong fundraising efforts will be critical to defending the Democratic majority. Protecting this chamber is crucial to preventing the GOP from turning back the clock in Virginia.