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RELEASE: Kansas Republicans are Plotting to Wield Their Supermajority to Pass a Burdensome Anti-Abortion Measure

Press Releases

Bill would require providers to ask patients why they want an abortion – which flies in the face of the voters’ call in 2022 to preserve reproductive freedom

WASHINGTON —  This week, the Republican-controlled Kansas legislature passed a bill to require abortion providers to ask patients why they want an abortion, and then report those answers to the state. Anticipating Democrat Gov. Laura Kelly’s veto of the measure, state Republicans are already plotting to override her veto using their narrow supermajorities in both chambers. That means this dangerous measure is all but certain to become law. 

This bill is a slap in the face to Kansas voters. Kansas made history in 2022 as the first state post-Dobbs to vote on abortion rights, delivering a clear mandate that reproductive freedom must be preserved. Voters rejected a proposed state constitutional amendment that would have denied the right to abortion in the state. Despite this mandate from voters, Republicans have repeatedly attempted to pass legislation to undermine and criminalize abortions. 

A reminder: These attacks are enabled by Republicans’ supermajorities in the House and Senate in Kansas, which are both on the ballot in 2024. 

This bill is the latest in a string of dangerous proposals from Republicans across the country who are hellbent on attacking reproductive freedoms. Twenty-five states – all controlled by Republican legislatures – have enacted laws to ban or restrict abortion earlier than the standard previously protected by Roe. And in 2024 legislative sessions alone, Republicans in at least 14 states – including Kansas – have introduced personhood bills that could undermine IVF access. Earlier this year, Kansas Republicans also introduced legislation to ban abortions across the board and divert money to anti-abortion programs.

Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Communications Director Abhi Rahman issued the following statement:

“This dangerous Republican bill is a slap in the face to Kansas voters. Kansas Republicans continue to ignore the clear mandate voters delivered in 2022 that they want their reproductive freedoms protected. From passing a burdensome requirement that patients be asked why they’re seeking abortion treatment, to introducing a near-total abortion ban, Kansas Republicans are plainly against the will of their constituents.  What’s worse – Republicans have the numbers to make these bills law. Their stronghold on power must be broken – that’s why breaking up the GOP supermajorities and restoring veto power to Democratic Gov. Kelly is a priority for the DLCC in 2024. Electing Democrats to the state legislature – in Kansas and across the country – is the only defense for preserving abortion access and the full spectrum of reproductive care.” 

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