Measure To Protect Abortion Rights Fails at the National Level

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Moments ago, the U.S. Senate failed to codify the right to an abortion into law. With pathways for the federal government to protect abortion rights limited, the fight for reproductive freedom remains in the state legislatures. Over the last year, Republican lawmakers have passed extreme abortion bans and measures that block access to care, while Democrats in states like Vermont, Connecticut, Colorado, and Maryland have taken bold steps to expand access to a safe and legal abortion. 

“The avenues for Democrats to protect access to an abortion are limited at the federal level, leaving state legislatures as our last line of defense,” DLCC President Jessica Post said. “If Roe is struck down by the courts, as expected, this battle will be fought in state legislatures. Democratic majorities have already moved to protect this fundamental freedom. Now is the time to do everything in our power to protect our majorities and create more across the country if we’re serious about protecting abortion access. ” 

The DLCC is helping Democrats protect these crucial gains, putting state Democrats in a position to hold Democratic chambers while going on offense against vulnerable GOP-held majorities where extremist Republicans actively threaten reproductive freedom. To centralize these efforts, the DLCC has launched the “States to Save Roe” campaign to help Democrats fight growing Republican extremism and strengthen the Democratic firewall for reproductive health care.