Meet the AZ GOP Slate Losing in November

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — With the conclusion of the Arizona primaries, Democrats are running their strongest slate of candidates ever while the GOP is boasting science deniers, extremist ideologues, and conspiracy theorists. Democrats running for state legislative office have broken fundraising records and have the energy of their communities behind them as their Republican opponents compete to be the biggest embarrassment to their party.

Introducing the Republicans who will lose to Democrats in November:

“These Republicans have proven themselves to be partisan hacks and Arizona voters are ready to show them the door,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “GOP lawmakers have shown us time and time again how little they care about what happens to the people they were elected to represent. They’ve ignored medical experts, advocated against a safety net for the unemployed, undermined health care, and spread lies about voting. Voters are going to put them in the minority in November — and they’ll deserve it.”