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Michigan Democrats Recommit To Pass Gun Safety Reforms After Devastating Shooting

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — On the heels of the mass shooting at Michigan State University this week, the 67th mass shooting this year, Michigan Democrats, with their new trifecta control, are working to pass a package of gun safety common-sense reforms aimed at protecting communities from future gun violence. All across the country, Democratic legislatures are stepping up to keep communities safe by passing common-sense gun safety reforms in the absence of federal action. This lies in sharp contrast to state Republicans, who are actively loosening gun safety measures, blocking popular reforms, and needlessly endangering our communities — like in Michigan, where Republicans just last year blocked popular gun safety reforms after mass shootings in Uvalde and just outside of Detroit. 

“In the face of another tragic mass shooting, Michigan Democrats are taking action to keep their state and their students safe,” interim DLCC President Heather Williams said. “Unlike the leadership we’ve seen from GOP majorities, Democratic state legislative majorities are using their power to be responsive in times of crisis and prevent future tragedies. Republicans won’t lift a finger to prevent gun violence, get dangerous weapons off the streets, and prevent more senseless deaths. The priorities of the two parties are crystal clear: Democrats are working to make our communities safer while Republicans are willing to ignore the country’s glaring gun violence problem to continue cashing checks from the gun lobby.” 

Just in 2023 alone, Democrats are working to pass legislation to prevent gun violence: 

In sharp contrast to state Democrats, Republicans are enabling the gun violence epidemic: