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Michigan Republican Defends Terrorists Who Plotted to Kidnap Governor

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — After the FBI apprehended the domestic terrorists plotting to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Michigan GOP state House candidate Paul Smith jumped on the opportunity to defend the perpetrators. In a Facebook post, Smith claimed that the scheme and its uncovering by the FBI was a “totally bogus sham,” and said, “these citizens never did anything illegal.” 

“Defending a violent plot against Governor Whitmer is sadly not a new low for Paul Smith,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “He said he was proud to be investigated by the Secret Service for threatening President Obama’s life — he’s dangerous, and if the entire Michigan GOP doesn’t condemn him, they stand with him. This horrifying pattern of Smith’s is disqualifying. He has no place in the Michigan House.”

Paul Smith is infamous for his graphic attacks on public officials: he believes that President Obama committed treason and should be publicly executed, he’s called for violence against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and has attended protests with signs depicting former governor Jennifer Granholm hanging from a noose. He is unfit for office and unfit to represent the people of Michigan.