Michigan Republicans Lay the Groundwork to Overturn Fair and Free Elections

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Since the 2020 presidential election, Michigan Republicans have systematically attacked the freedom to vote in order to maintain their hold on power in the state and rig the path to the presidency. The Republican National Committee is now building on the groundwork laid by Michigan Republicans by recruiting an “army” of party loyalists to serve as poll workers and attorneys to target, challenge, and potentially overturn votes in Democratic-majority polling places in Michigan. They are spending an estimated $35 million nationwide on this scheme, which will lead to voter intimidation, especially toward voters of color, and voter suppression. For over three decades, the Republican National Committee was largely barred from pursuing “ballot security” measures because of accusations of a history of voter suppression. 

“Republicans are funding a multi-million dollar voter suppression scheme in a desperate attempt to rig elections,” said DLCC President Jessica Post. “It’s shameful to hide behind the false guise of ‘election integrity’ when their true goal is to win elections by denying the freedom to vote, especially for Black and brown voters. These latest steps confirm that Michigan Republicans will do everything in their power to lie, cheat, and even subvert elections if it benefits the GOP. But state Democrats aren’t backing down and will continue to stand with the American people who believe that every vote counts — while the RNC and state Republicans fervently work to undermine our fundamental rights and the backbone of our democracy.” 

The Michigan Republican Party has become a cesspool for extremism and anti-government rhetoric and actions. State Representative Matt Maddock and his wife, who co-chairs the Michigan Republican Party, attended the insurrection, bussed others to DC, and led the charge to overturn the election results while Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey pals around with militants. In total, nine Republicans who attended the insurrection on January 6th have attempted to run for a seat in the Michigan statehouse. Trump-endorsed Michigan House candidate Jacky Eubanks, who recently pledged to ban abortion, birth control, and marriage equality, also said “the election system is rigged, and who best to steal it but our clerks.” 

State lawmakers in 20 states, including Michigan, have introduced at least 40 bills that would expand the powers of poll watchers. A Republican bill in Michigan would allow challengers close enough to read poll books and challenge a voter’s eligibility if they had “good reason.”