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MN House Republican Candidate: People Will Suffer Under GOP Control

Press Releases

Minnesota House GOP candidate Mark Bishofsky laid out the stakes for voters if Republicans take control of the state legislature. Bishofsky said, “I know if we were to implement all of our conservative values onto people, there will be people that will suffer.” While Bishofsky pushes for policies that, in his own view, will harm Minnesotans, DLCC Spotlight candidate Josiah Hill is committed to addressing real problems with real solutions, bringing down costs for families, and defending reproductive rights. 

“I’ve long said that people suffer when Republicans are in the majority, and it turns out GOP-endorsed candidate Mark Bishofksy couldn’t agree more,” said DLCC President Jessica Post. “While Minnesota DFLers are fighting for life-saving policies that will build stronger, safer, and healthier communities, the GOP is only invested in policies that cause suffering — and they know it. In statehouses across the nation, Republicans have engineered a stunning attack on our most sacred values, and there’s too much at stake to stay on the sidelines. Bishofsky is simply saying the quiet part out loud — and we must make sure Republicans stay out of power in the Minnesota House.”

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