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MOMENTUM: Virginia Democrats Raise $1 Million More Than GOP

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — In the final disclosures before Virginia’s Tuesday primary, Democratic General Assembly candidates reported again outraising Republicans — bringing in over $1 million more than their GOP opponents in April and May.

“This is what momentum looks like. Thousands of Virginians are stepping up to support Democratic candidates and flip the General Assembly blue,” said Jessica Post, executive director of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee. “These fundraising numbers are an unmistakable indicator of the enthusiasm and momentum that will allow Democrats to wage and win effective campaigns in seats across the Commonwealth.”

Senate Democrats raised more than $2.1 million compared to just $1.5 million from Senate Republicans. House Democrats raised more than $2.6 million while House Republicans raised about $2.2 million. Combined, Democratic candidates raised over $1 million more than Republicans. ‬

The Democratic fundraising advantage is being fueled by grassroots enthusiasm with small-dollar donations from real Virginians. Democrats across the state reported grassroots donors numbering in the hundreds or even thousands, while few, if any, Republicans reported more than 100 small-dollar donations. House GOP incumbents Glenn Davis (HD-84) and Barry Knight (HD-81) reported no grassroots contributions at all.

“Virginia Republicans are out of touch with the people they’re running to represent. They’re attacking women’s health. They’re blocking common sense gun safety. They’re refusing to protect the LGBTQ community. They’re stuck in the past and keeping the commonwealth from moving forward,” Post said. “Real Virginians are refusing to support Republican campaigns and the GOP establishment in Washington is writing off Virginia as a lost cause. They see the writing on the wall and it’s in blue ink.”

The outpouring of grassroots support helped at least 17 Democratic challengers outraise Republican incumbents, an early sign of another November blue wave in the commonwealth.

“The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee has provided unprecedented support to Virginia and the early investment is paying off,” Post said. “We will continue to provide financial support, training and data to the caucuses and candidates to help them sustain this momentum through the summer and flip Virginia blue this November.” ###