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NEW: DLCC President Jessica Post Outlines the Republican Threat to Democracy

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WASHINGTON — In a new piece for Democracy Docket, Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post explains how Republican elected officials have imperiled our democracy. Between introducing voter suppression measures and explicitly overturning voter-approved initiatives and referendums, it’s become abundantly clear that today’s GOP won’t let a little democracy get in the way of their ruthless pursuit of power. 

Democracy Docket: We Must Save Our Democracy From the GOP 

361. That’s the number of bills state lawmakers have introduced so far this year that would restrict the right to vote. Democracy is under attack, and it goes far beyond voter suppression. We just watched President Trump and fellow Republicans try to steal the presidential election, and now they’re laying the groundwork to try again next time. 

The sad truth is that our system of government is in jeopardy, and it’s all because of the Republican Party. Unfortunately, it’s been going on for years. Trump may have accelerated the GOP’s walk away from democracy, but this is hardly the first time the party has decided to turn their backs on voters.

It doesn’t matter that Democrats have control in Washington—so long as Republicans control the building blocks of democracy in our states, democracy is not safe.

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