RELEASE: New Hampshire GOP Advances Dangerous, First-In-the-Nation Bill To Loosen Requirements Around Polio and Measles Vaccines

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New Hampshire Republicans continue to prioritize extreme and dangerous proposals, far outside the mainstream

WASHINGTON — GOP legislators in New Hampshire are advancing a first-of-its-kind bill that loosens vaccine requirements for children. The Republican legislation would loosen requirements around polio and measles vaccinations for parents enrolling their kids in childcare, making New Hampshire the first state in the country to pass such legislation. That’s right: New Hampshire Republicans are using their power to prioritize legislation that will increase the risk of polio and measles spreading among children across the state. Undermining public health requirements threatens the health of future generations and puts the state at risk for dangerous outbreaks. 

These dire public health consequences illustrate the dangers of the increasingly extreme GOP in New Hampshire, who currently control both chambers of the state legislature by just a few seats. Breaking the New Hampshire Republican trifecta is within striking range this cycle, and the DLCC is targeting both legislative chambers this year to pick up seats. The safety of New Hampshire’s children hangs in the balance as we aim to break the GOP trifecta in 2024. 

Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee National Press Secretary Sam Paisley issued the following statement:

“It’s outrageous that New Hampshire could soon become the first state in the country to loosen requirements around polio and measles vaccinations for kids. This proposal is unquestionably dangerous and is the latest proof that Republicans’ extremism is out of touch with Granite State communities. The only way to counter the extreme agenda of Republicans in the Granite State is to gain Democratic control of the state legislature in November. New Hampshire deserves leaders who protect our kids – the DLCC is committed to championing Democrats who will fight for public health.”

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