New Hampshire GOP Blocks Bill To Codify Abortion Rights

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WASHINGTON — On a party-line vote, Republicans in the New Hampshire Senate blocked SB436, a bill brought forward by Democrats to codify abortion rights in New Hampshire, where there are no legal protections for abortion rights. This vote comes on the heels of a primary on Tuesday that ousted many moderate Republicans and put the Free State fringe of the GOP in control of the party’s anti-abortion agenda.

“New Hampshire Republicans were given the opportunity and did not protect abortion rights,” said DLCC President Jessica Post. “Free State Republicans and MAGA loyalists have found more than a home in the New Hampshire GOP — they are now running the show. If Republicans keep the legislature this November, they will continue to politicize reproductive health and make it more dangerous for Granite Staters to receive the care that they need. Democrats, on the other hand, are fighting hard for a more prosperous New Hampshire that defends abortion rights and gives everyone a chance to succeed.”

New Hampshire Republicans are profoundly out of step with the average Granite Stater, as they continue to undermine abortion rights. Last year the Republican-controlled General Court passed profoundly unpopular legislation, including the state’s first modern abortion ban into law, and earlier this year, the majority of House Republicans voted to continue debate on HB1477, a six-week abortion ban. These Republicans are being led in part by House Majority Leader Jason Osborne, who recently came under fire for posting racial slurs and even questioning the need for age of consent laws. The DLCC launched the “States to Save Roe” campaign to help elect Democrats who will fight back against Republican attacks on abortion rights.