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New Hampshire Republicans Vote to Let Men Block Abortion Access

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Yesterday, seven New Hampshire House Republicans voted in favor of moving a bill that would allow men to block abortions through court injunctions, including Republicans in competitive seats this November. With abortion rights under assault nationwide, the New Hampshire GOP has made it clear that they will continue to attack these fundamental rights if they remain in power. Earlier this year, Republicans in the New Hampshire House voted to continue debating a six-week abortion in the Granite State and Senate Republicans blocked a bill to codify abortion rights in the state, which lacks legal protections for the right. This vote on a bill to give men veto-power over abortion comes on the heels of U.S. Senate nominee Don Bolduc saying the future of abortion rights in New Hampshire belong to the “gentlemen” in the state legislature. 

“This is the vision Republicans have for the future: a world where the only people who don’t have a right to control their health care is the person who’s actually pregnant,” said DLCC VP of communications Gabrielle Chew. “It’s unfortunately no surprise that the Free Stater and MAGA Republicans in the New Hampshire GOP are deadset on taking away the liberties of Granite Staters by putting forward legislation that strips away abortion rights. Whether it’s opposing reproductive rights or defunding public schools, the Republicans are putting their radical agenda ahead of the needs of their constituents. Luckily, Democrats are fighting to protect access to abortions and build a brighter future for New Hampshire.”  

Here are the Republicans who voted to strip away abortion rights in the Live Free or Die State: