NEW: At Least 13 Republican State Legislators Participated in Insurrection in Washington

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WASHINGTON — The number of Republican state legislators involved in the terrorist insurrection in Washington, DC this week continues to grow, with many GOP officials brazenly touting their participation on social media. Republican leaders across the country and the national Republican State Leadership Committee have so far refused to call out their own members for attending a riot where five people died, including one Capitol police officer.

Republicans’ silence is deafening in light of their disproportionately forceful response to largely peaceful Black Lives Matter protests throughout last year and claims throughout this election that riotous anti-law enforcement mobs were coming to the suburbs. Many Republican officials also cheered the anti-democracy protestors that gathered in state capitals across the country in a troubling prelude to this week’s events in Washington.

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee has called for every Republican legislator involved in the insurrection to resign immediately.

“There is blood on the ground at Capitol Hill and Republicans have nothing to say about their own elected officials who cheered on the rioters,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “There must be consequences for these shameful actions. We have videos of Republican state legislators trespassing in the Capitol and encouraging the crowd outside. They must resign or be expelled from their offices, and their leaders need to apologize to the American people for the Republican Party’s role in violently attacking our democracy.”

The list of Republican officials posted at the violent manifestation in DC continues to grow: