NEW: Virginia Senate Democrats Block Abortion Ban

Press Releases

Virginia Senate Democrats in the Senate Committee on Education and Health blocked several bills attempting to gut abortion access – including Governor Youngkin’s extreme 15-week ban. Earlier this month, Democrats won a critical special election in Virginia SD-7, successfully defeating an anti-abortion Republican candidate to expand the Virginia Senate Democratic majority heading into this November’s election. It’s clear that the Democratic Senate is the only thing standing in between Virginia Republicans and implementing an extreme abortion ban. Make no mistake, abortion rights are on the ballot in Virginia this fall.

“Youngkin and the Virginia GOP are doing everything they can to severely restrict abortion access in the commonwealth,” said VP of Communications Gabrielle Chew. “The only thing stopping them is Virginia Senate Democrats. The stakes of this election couldn’t be more clear. If Republicans retain control of the House and take the Senate majority, they’re coming after abortion rights. And that’s exactly why they’ll be defeated at the ballot box.” 

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