RELEASE: NH Senate Republicans Push Four Anti-LGBTQ+ Bills, Amid a GOP Assault on LGBTQ+ Freedoms

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The New Hampshire Republican Party slips even further away from common sense in the Granite State

WASHINGTON — The New Hampshire Senate is expected to vote as soon as today on four anti-LGBTQ+ pieces of legislation. These dangerous bills already passed the Republican-controlled House, and have favorable odds of passing in the Senate too. The toxic legislation Republicans are pushing include:

  1. HB 1205: An anti-trans sports ban 
  2. HB 619: A bill that would ban hospitals from providing and families from seeking gender-affirming care 
  3. HB 1660: A bill that would prohibit Medicaid from covering gender-affirming care sought by families for their kids, putting this life-saving care out of reach for many
  4. HB 1312: A bill that would likely lead to classroom censorship on topics of gender and sexuality, as well as pave the way for teachers to out their students

Instead of focusing on legislating solutions to lower costs or improve the lives of New Hampshire communities, the Republican legislature has prioritized an extreme and unpopular agenda centered on attacking LGBTQ+ people. By contrast, New Hampshire Democrats have prioritized legislation to protect LGBTQ+ communities under threat, but which GOP majorities have blocked. For example:

Discriminatory anti-LGBTQ+ bills are advancing across the nation in state legislatures with Republican majorities. According to the American Civil Liberties Union, over 500 anti-LGBTQ+ bills have already been introduced in nearly 40 states around the country in 2024, showing that attacking this community has become a mainstay priority for the Republican Party. 

Republicans’ sweeping attacks on LGBTQ+ people underscore the importance of the DLCC’s goal to break the GOP trifecta in New Hampshire in 2024. Gaining Democratic control and leadership in both chambers is essential for stopping the extreme agenda of the Republican Party that is eroding rights in the Granite State.

Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee National Press Secretary Sam Paisley issued the following statement:

“The New Hampshire GOP has weaponized its legislative majorities to attack LGBTQ+ people and fan the flames of unpopular culture wars. These four toxic anti-LGBTQ+ bills are just the latest in a slew of dangerous legislation that Granite State Republicans have prioritized. Republicans are manufacturing a crisis that demonizes LGBTQ+ folks and distracts from the real issues Granite State communities are facing.

“Granite Staters deserve leaders that are committed to protecting their fundamental freedoms – not legislating rights away at every turn. The DLCC is focused on breaking the GOP trifecta in 2024 because Democratic power would mean safety and inclusion for all Granite Staters. We’re only a few seats away from altering the balance of power in the legislature, and we’re taking nothing for granted because LGBTQ+ freedoms are so clearly at stake.”

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