North Carolina Democrats Break Fundraising Records

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Halfway through 2020, Democrats in both chambers of the North Carolina General Assembly have set fundraising milestones. The Democratic caucuses in the Senate and the House have each raised more than $1 million so far this year, far surpassing their records from 2018, and both have more than $1 million cash on hand headed into the final months of the campaign. Democrats’ unprecedented financial resources are just the latest sign of the momentum that will help them flip the General Assembly from red to blue this year. 

“We flipped 16 seats in North Carolina in 2018, breaking the Republicans’ disastrous supermajorities, and we’re going to finish what we started this year,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “North Carolinians deserve a legislature that will fight for their communities — something that the GOP has proven they are unwilling to do. Democrats’ record fundraising is a testament to the turning tide in the Tar Heel State.”

Democrats need to flip five seats in the Senate and six in the House to win majorities in both chambers for the first time since 2010. The GOP majority has proven itself woefully out of touch with North Carolinians, fighting against COVID-19 safety measures, blocking Medicaid expansion for more than 300,000 North Carolinians, and spreading false information about the pandemic. 

“North Carolina’s extremist, right-wing Republicans have long relied on gerrymandering to prop up their flailing majorities, but that ends this year,” added Post. “North Carolinians need expanded Medicaid coverage, better schools, and a legislature that puts their safety first. North Carolina Democrats are poised to take control of the General Assembly and deliver the leadership that residents of the Tar Heel State need and deserve.” 

Both chambers of the North Carolina General Assembly are top targets in the DLCC’s $50 million Flip Everything campaign to win legislative majorities across the country this year. Since Trump’s election, the DLCC and state Democrats have flipped more than 450 seats and 10 legislative chambers from red to blue.