The NRA’s $200,000 Thank You to the Virginia GOP

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WASHINGTON — The National Rifle Association just sent a check for $200,000 to House of Delegates Majority Leader Todd Gilbert’s PAC, mere weeks after Virginia Republicans adjourned a special session on gun safety without even discussing commonsense measures that could save Virginians’ lives. The contribution is more than double the size of previous individual donations by the NRA to Virginia Republicans over the last two decades.

“It couldn’t be clearer — the NRA is rewarding Virginia Republicans for standing with them instead of their constituents,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “Time and time again, the GOP has stood in the way of sensible reforms that could help solve a crisis that kills more than a thousand Virginians every year.”

The NRA’s donation is especially galling in light of recent mass shootings across the country, including one in Virginia Beach earlier this summer. A recent New York Times story highlighted Virginia voters, including Republicans, who were disgusted by the inaction of their party leaders in Richmond. Polling consistently shows that strong majorities of Virginians support new gun safety reforms. 

“Virginia Republicans are extreme and out of touch when it comes to gun safety,” added Post. “Todd Gilbert and the House Republican Caucus are reaping the rewards of their refusal to act, but no amount of big spending by the gun lobby can save them this November. Virginians are ready to vote for change and vote them out of office.”