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Oklahoma GOP Introduces Legislation to Create a Database of Pregnant Oklahomans Seeking an Abortion

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WASHINGTON — A bill introduced by Republicans in Oklahoma this week would create a database of pregnant Oklahomans seeking an abortion, enacting authoritarian levels of government overreach. Deceptively titled the “Every Mother Matters Act,” this government database of pregnant Oklahomans sets a dangerous precedent all across the country as the GOP continues to radicalize around abortion and creates more barriers to abortion access. Republicans in Oklahoma also proposed a six-week abortion ban and a total abortion ban with an enforcement mechanism that replicates Texas’ recent effort to deputize citizens to sue individuals who help someone access an abortion.  

“The actions by Oklahoma Republicans should remind us that their party does not stand for individual freedom, but a relentless desire to control and limit reproductive freedom,” DLCC vice president of communications Gabrielle Chew said. “These proposed laws prove Republican majorities are emboldened by the Supreme Court and things are only going to get worse. Access to reproductive health care and the freedom to control your own body is an innate, American and constitutional right. Republicans cannot in good faith claim to be the party of freedom while continually working to limit individual choice. It is now more clear than ever that Democrats must win majorities in state legislatures if we are going to defend abortion rights.” 

Oklahoma, like many GOP-led states across the country, already forces those seeking an abortion to undergo mandatory, medically unnecessary counseling. Under this proposed bill, individuals seeking an abortion would be forced to call a “care agent” who would not be allowed to direct them to abortion services. It would also force health care professionals to check the database to ensure their patient had called the hotline before performing an abortion. This would force needless delays that could ultimately put the patient past the time frame Oklahoma Republicans think is acceptable to make this decision — if the right to an abortion even continues to exist in the state. 

The DLCC is supporting Democrats in statehouses across the country who are on the front lines fighting for reproductive freedom. Last month, the DLCC launched its States to Save Roe microsite, a landing spot for voters to mobilize to fight against restrictive abortion laws like the ones introduced in Oklahoma.