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On Medicaid Anniversary, Thirteen GOP States Continue to Block Expansion

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Today marks the 56th anniversary of the creation of Medicaid, which has helped millions of Americans access affordable health care. This anniversary comes on the heels of the Missouri Supreme Court’s unanimous rejection of a challenge to Medicaid expansion, which state Republicans tried to block even after voters passed a constitutional amendment in favor of expansion. But the Missouri GOP is hardly alone Republican state legislators across the country still refuse to expand Medicaid, forfeiting federal funds and in some cases ignoring the will of their constituents.

“As we commemorate the anniversary of the passage of Medicaid, it’s unconscionable that thirteen Republican-led states continue to deny health care coverage to millions of their constituents, all in the service of petty partisan politics,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “Now more than ever, GOP leaders need to do what they should have done a long time ago and expand Medicaid in their states. The obstruction has to end now the wellbeing of millions of their constituents is on the line.” 

Republicans continue to obstruct Medicaid expansion in the remaining states, even in the face of overwhelming popular support for the law. Thirteen GOP-led states still have yet to expand Medicaid, denying millions of Americans health care coverage and contributing to increased medical debt for their constituents. A recent study found that finally expanding Medicaid could lead to $49 billion in federal funding for the holdout states and create one million jobs, growing the economy to the tune of $350 billion. 

Democrats have continued to fight to expand health care for all Americans, adding new incentives for Medicaid expansion in the American Rescue Plan and introducing a bill to expand Medicaid regardless of a state government’s refusal.