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On the Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, State Republicans Attack Educational Opportunity

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Republican legislatures have been gutting public education for years, and in the wake of a pandemic that hit schools particularly hard, they have continued their attacks. For example, Republicans in state houses like Pennsylvania, Iowa, Kansas, and Arizona have pushed legislation to siphon money for public education into charter schools, which would exacerbate funding shortfalls across school districts. On the anniversary of the landmark Brown v. Board of Education decision, GOP policies are making segregation worse all across the country.

“Republicans are taking aim at our childrens’ futures as they continue to rob the cradle and gut public education in state legislatures across the country,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee president Jessica Post. “At a time when working families are just starting to figure out how to get their kids back to school this fall, Republicans are attacking opportunities for educational attainment. Democrats are safely reopening schools and investing in America’s future, while Republicans are gung-ho on making life even more difficult for families.”

In many states, critical investments are being cut by Republicans. Here are just a few examples: