OPPO DUMP: Colorado GOP Nominates Far-Right Extremists for State House and Senate

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WASHINGTON — With the final results tallied in Colorado’s primary election, several far-right extremist Republican state legislative candidates will be on the ballot for the general election. Across the board, the GOP nominated dangerous candidates who will end safe and legal abortion access, push conspiracy theories, and undermine our elections. The overwhelming support for these candidates on Tuesday proves that far-right extremists will continue to be the face of the Colorado Republican Party.

“The Colorado GOP has gone all-in on courting far-right votes by supporting wildly out-of-touch candidates that will ban abortion, spew baseless conspiracy theories about the 2020 election, and normalize violence,” said DLCC President Jessica Post. “The Colorado Republican Party is obsessed with pleasing Donald Trump instead of addressing the issues facing working families. Colorado Democrats have the right priorities — they’ve enshrined abortion rights into state law, passed universal pre-K and free all-day kindergarten, invested in affordable housing, and lowered health care premiums by 15%. State Democrats will defend the majorities in the House and Senate this fall by keeping their focus on lowering costs and leveling the playing field for Coloradans.”    

The Colorado GOP’s extremist candidates in the House include:

The Colorado GOP’s extremist candidates in the Senate include: