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OPPO DUMP: Michigan GOP Nominates Far-Right Extremists for State House and Senate

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — With the final results tallied in Michigan’s primary election, several far-right extremist Republican state legislative candidates will be on the ballot for the general election. Across the board, the GOP nominated dangerous candidates who will end safe and legal abortion access, push conspiracy theories, and undermine our elections. The support for these candidates on Tuesday proves that far-right extremists will continue to be the face of the Michigan Republican Party.

“It is no surprise that the Michigan GOP has put forward a slate of extremist candidates that have no place in public life, let alone elected office,” said DLCC President Jessica Post. “Michigan Republicans are focused on passing more and more unpopular laws instead of delivering real benefits to working Michiganders. Meanwhile, Democrats are fighting for policies like improving our roads, ensuring clean water for Michiganders, and keeping good-paying jobs in the state. If given the majority this fall, state Democrats will fight back against GOP extremism and lower costs for families all over the Great Lake State.”

The Michigan GOP’s extremist candidates include: