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OPPO DUMP: Virginia GOP Nominates Far-Right Extremists for House of Delegates

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WASHINGTON — Results from the Virginia primary cement the Virginia Republican Party as the party of Trump, voter suppression, and insurrectionists. Across the board, the GOP nominated dangerous antidemocratic candidates who threaten to roll back the clock on progress in the commonwealth. These candidates have embraced conspiracy theories and spread false information, putting their support for Trump over their support for democracy. The GOP’s overwhelming support for these candidates on Tuesday proves that far-right extremists are going to continue to be the face of the party. 

“I’m not surprised that candidates who echo lies about election fraud and hold far-right views on issues from abortion rights to gun safety were most successful,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “The GOP has courted the votes of the far-right for years, and Tuesday’s primary results only demonstrate that these extremists have become the party’s mainstay. Today’s Republican Party is completely out of touch with Virginians, and we’re ready to make sure voters hold them accountable this November.” 

The Virginia GOP’s extremist nominees include: