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President Endorses Virginia General Assembly Candidates

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Democratic candidates across Virginia are adding the biggest endorsement of the race to their campaign resumes: President Barack Obama’s endorsement. 

“From the Illinois statehouse to the White House, President Obama worked to uplift every American, to defend our common values, and to protect our nation,” Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post said. “While Washington gridlock has slowed that fight, Virginia Democrats are running to advance those goals in Richmond.  We’re going to flip the General Assembly blue to protect health care expansion, pass commonsense gun safety legislation, and uplift every Virginian.”

The Democratic endorsements include a mixture of incumbents and challengers in districts across the commonwealth and have all been previously featured as Spotlight Candidates by the DLCC. 

“[I’m] proud to endorse an outstanding group of Virginia Democrats in Tuesday’s election—candidates who’ll not only advance the causes of equality, justice, and decency, but help ensure that the next decade of voting maps are drawn fairly,’ said President Obama. “That’s good policy—and good for our politics.”

While Democrats are proud to announce Obama’s endorsements and have been campaigning with their 2020 presidential candidates throughout the year, Republicans have spent the entire election distancing themselves from the Trump administration — including a majority of their candidates skipping a Virginia rally with Vice President Pence today. 

“Virginians of both parties could be proud to call Barack Obama president — but not even Republicans want to associate themselves with Donald Trump,” said DLCC press secretary Matt Harringer. “We hope Donald Trump will endorse every Republican candidate before Tuesday’s election, but won’t hold our breath.” 

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Unprecedented grassroots engagement has helped Democrats massively outraise Republicans all year and build the largest coordinated legislative field program in Virginia history. With just 3 days to go until the election, Virginia Democrats have all the momentum and enthusiasm and are poised to deal the GOP a massive defeat in a crucial bellwether for the 2020 cycle.