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RELEASE: Strong Candidate Recruitment in Kansas Positions Democrats to Break the Republican Supermajorities 

Press Releases

Democrats have recruited candidates in 92 of 125 House races and 34 of 40 Senate races. 

WASHINGTON — As the filing deadline for state legislative races in Kansas comes to a close, Democratic candidate recruitment numbers are strong and position Democrats to break the Republican supermajorities in at least one of the chambers. Democrats have recruited candidates in 92 of 125 House races and 34 of 40 Senate races, creating favorable odds for Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly’s veto power to be protected. Notably, many women have filed to run this year in the wake of Republicans’ continued onslaught on attacks on reproductive freedoms, even following a referendum from voters in 2022 that signaled the popularity of protections for abortion access. The DLCC has been hard at work collaborating with in-state partners in Kansas to build an impressive crop of Democratic candidates with deep ties to their communities whose victories will help candidates up and down the ballot.

Candidate recruitment is the essential foundation for success, which is paramount given the extremism on display by the Republican supermajorities. Republicans in Kansas have used their supermajority to override numerous vetoes from Democratic Gov. Kelly, including passing multiple anti-abortion laws and enacting one of the most restrictive anti-trans bathroom ban laws in the country. The GOP’s rampant extremism is out of step with Kansas voters who made history in 2022 as the first state post-Dobbs to keep abortion legal by rejecting a proposed state constitutional amendment. 

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Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee National Press Secretary Sam Paisley issued the following statement:

“Today’s recruitment numbers highlight that Kansas Democrats are showing up in force to challenge Republican power and defend seats that are essential to blocking GOP extremism. The toxic Republican supermajorities have overridden Democratic Gov. Kelly’s veto to restrict fundamental freedoms – including numerous anti-abortion laws that fly in the face of the will of voters, who in 2022 made clear they support reproductive rights. It’s no surprise that so many women have now filed to run for office to combat this rampant extremism in the GOP-controlled state legislature. The strong candidate recruitment in the House and Senate is a positive sign of what’s to come in 2024 as we focus on breaking the supermajorities and defending Gov. Kelly’s veto powers.”

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