Republican Legislatures Move to Criminalize Abortion

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WASHINGTON — Republicans are using their power in states to criminalize abortion and attack reproductive health care. Just this week, Arizona, Idaho, and Oklahoma signed bills into law that would effectively ban abortion care and interfere with their constituents’ freedom to control their lives and their bodies. The right-wing fueled fight to ban abortions and punish individuals who seek them and their medical providers has reached a fever pitch this year and it shows no signs of slowing down.

“These pieces of legislation are dangerous and people’s lives will be worse because they’ve been signed into law,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “Let’s be crystal clear about what the goal of these laws is: to interfere in the lives and decisions of individuals and families. The decision to become a parent is a deeply personal one — and Republican lawmakers have no place in those conversations. This overreach harms patients, families, and medical providers for political gain.”

While Republicans continue their inane crusade to interfere with people’s medical care, Democratic legislatures are protecting reproductive freedoms. Democrats in New Mexico, Virginia, and Vermont have all introduced and passed legislation protecting abortion access and reproductive health.