Donald Trump was found guilty

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Republicans’ Epidemic of Mask Aversion

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WASHINGTON — It’s not secret that President Trump has publicly flouted public health recommendations for months. He is hardly alone, however, in his reckless disregard for the kind of precautions needed to keep Americans safe. Republicans at all levels of the ballot are united by their contempt for the recommendations of public health experts. And it’s not just a personal risk — their actions jeopardize the health of their communities and all hard-won progress against the pandemic.

GOP state legislators across the country have worked relentlessly to undermine public health restrictions. And they’ve joined Trump in abandoning the simple rules like wearing a mask and avoiding large events that could help slow the spread of coronavirus.

A full accounting of Republicans’ public health misdeeds would overload email servers, but here is a list of some of the most egregious examples:

From the statehouse to the White House, Republicans have shown no leadership when it comes to the crises that are impacting Americans’ lives. Democrats will hold them accountable for their recklessness this November.