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Republicans Mobilize to Regulate Drag Brunch Faster than Guns

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — As Pride Month continues and on the heels of yet another series of tragic shootings, Republican lawmakers across the country once again have all the wrong priorities. In true GOP fashion, they are choosing to attack the LGBTQ+ community instead of helping pass popular gun safety reforms to keep communities safe. In a matter of days, Republicans in Texas, Florida, and Colorado have proposed legislation targeting the LGBTQ+ community — focusing more on demonizing drag shows than saving children’s lives. 

“Firearms are now the leading cause of death for children in our country, yet Republican lawmakers who have the ability to protect our kids are wasting time spewing anti-LGBTQ+ hate,” said DLCC President Jessica Post. “Instead of listening to the majority of Americans who support common-sense gun safety legislation, Republicans are using Pride Month to peddle their bigoted rhetoric against LGBTQ+ people and deflect from the real issues at hand. Meanwhile, Democrats are leading on both issues and using their power to protect their communities by passing life-saving firearm regulations and fighting back against anti-LGBTQ+ legislation and rhetoric.” 

Recent GOP Efforts Attacking Drag Shows and Ignoring Gun Violence:

While Congress remains gridlocked, state Democrats have moved swiftly to pass crucial gun safety bills in the aftermath of tragic shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde. In New York, Democrats passed a package of popular, life-saving gun reform measures. In California, Assembly Democrats are fast-tracking similar legislation. Nationwide, state Democrats are working to make their communities safer in the face of Republicans continuing to cash gun lobby checks and failing to stop rising gun violence.