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Republicans Refuse to Follow Science on Masks

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — It’s been months since the coronavirus first hit the United States, yet state Republicans continue to reject the advice of public health experts and the importance of wearing masks. Between ignoring mask mandates, failing to implement statewide safety measures, and working to override popular efforts by Democratic governors, the GOP is still playing politics with people’s lives and further delaying any possible return to normalcy. Their politicization of safety recommendations has led to everyday Americans refusing to wear masks, which in turn contributes to the spread of the virus.

“Republicans should be taking this pandemic seriously, but unfortunately they’d rather continue to ignore medical experts,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “Their failed leadership, complete and utter disregard for science, and refusal to comply with Trump’s own CDC is putting their constituents’ lives at risk. Choosing to not wear masks in public or at events is reckless, irresponsible, and willfully ignorant of the realities of this pandemic.”