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Republicans Spent March Attacking Teachers, Rewriting History, and Siphoning off Public School Funding

Press Releases

WASHINGTON —  Republicans are undermining the autonomy and judgment of teachers by meddling in classrooms and passing laws that make it harder for teachers to do their jobs. Just this week in Florida, Republicans used teachers as pawns by enacting legislation that limits classroom discussion of sexual orientation, and gender identity. Republicans are ignoring the real issues that face our education system as a part of their divisive political culture war. These actions are contributing to a historic exodus of school teachers and staff across the country and putting the education of the next generation at risk. 

“We are witnessing Republicans continue to underfund, undermine, and hyper-politicize education,” said DLCC President Jessica Post. “By censoring history with book bans and demonizing LGBTQ+ kids, Republicans impede on teachers’ and parents’ roles in the classroom and control what is taught. In stark contrast, Democrats in state legislatures are raising teacher pay, expanding teacher benefits, and giving teachers the autonomy to support their students. Electing Democrats to statehouses across the country is the only way to ensure that schools remain fully funded, the civil rights and liberties of students are protected, and teachers are able to do their jobs.”

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Republicans were spreading conspiracy theories and dragging their feet on fully funding schools, while Democrats were hard at work ensuring that teachers had the resources needed to teach safely. Democrats also fought to ensure teachers received the wages they deserve to support themselves and their families. To this day, Republicans continue to hold education funding hostage, like in Iowa where Republicans aim to mandate government overreach practices that make it harder for teachers to do their jobs while siphoning money away from public school budgets. Make no mistake, Republicans are set on culture wars that question the authority of teachers and harm the quality of education for students.