ROUNDUP: DLCC’s Spotlight Candidates Earn Nationwide Coverage, Blanketing Local Newspapers Across the Country in “Summer of the States” Campaign 

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WASHINGTON —  The DLCC’s Spotlight program highlighting top state legislative races across the country is in full swing, and local coverage of these must-win races is charging our “Summer of the States” campaign. The “Summer of the States” campaign is a first-of-its-kind push calling attention to the critical window in the summer months to make key investments and build the infrastructure needed for Democrats to win in November. Part of that campaign involves spotlighting our top target races, which have been driving an array of local news headlines across the country as campaign season kicks into gear. 

The DLCC has designated 65 Spotlight candidates so far this year across 12 states with more on the way in key states like Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

The stakes couldn’t be higher this year to build Democratic power in the states to stop Donald Trump and his MAGA allies from a total takeover in the fall. The DLCC’s Spotlight candidates represent the best opportunities to stop Republicans’ extreme agenda in the states, and the DLCC is only just getting started for the summer. 

Check out coverage of the DLCC’s Spotlight candidates below:






North Carolina:




South Carolina: