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RSLC Admits Democrats Are on Offense

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is on complete offense this year, and Democrats can win back majorities across the country. But don’t take our word for it: you can also ask Republicans.

On a press call this morning, Chambers noted their priorities are in defending Texas and North Carolina, two of the DLCC’s targets this cycle. But we have some bad news for Republicans: they’re on defense everywhere else too. The DLCC is also targeting Arizona, Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa, and Pennsylvania — states where Democrats are just seats away from control.

The RSLC is spelling out what we know to be true: Republicans are in trouble, everywhere, at every level of the ballot because of a dangerously negligent coronavirus response from the White House to the statehouse.

There is “absolutely a path for Democrats,” said Republican State Leadership Committee President Austin Chambers on the Texas House.

“At this point, Republicans are just doing damage control,” agreed Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “They’re desperate to cling to any majorities they can and so they’re finally admitting what we’ve known all along: Democrats are entirely on offense this year. We have an unprecedented opportunity to win legislative power across the country everywhere from Texas to Pennsylvania to Minnesota. The GOP is losing this year, and they’re all but admitting it.”