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The RSLC Is Having a Tough Year

Press Releases

WASHINGTON —  The Republican State Leadership Committee is off to a rough 2020 after an awful 2019. It started off with reports the committee is in turmoil, followed by spending big on false attack ads, losing seats Trump won, and being outraised by Democrats. It’s clear it’s going to be a tough election year for the RSLC. 

“Democrats and Republicans both know what’s at stake in legislative races this cycle,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “While we’re off to our strongest start ever, the RSLC is completely falling apart. Republicans are reaching all kinds of new lows like using a public health crisis as a voter suppression tactic and running fabricated attack ads. It’s no wonder we’re outraising them.”

Here are some highlights from the RSLC’s rough couple of months. 

“Democrats are stronger than ever as we rally behind leaders who are actually taking action to help people,” added Post. “There’s no question that in a critical election cycle, Democrats are showing strength while Republicans are just showing their incompetence. Their complete and utter failure to lead shows exactly how important it is that we elect Democrats everywhere in 2020.”