RSLC’s $500,000 Plan To Flip Washington Was A Flop

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — As primary results from Washington come in, the $515,000 spent in the past quarter by the Republican State Leadership Committee to cinch the majority appears to have fallen short. The RSLC added Washington to their target list, desperate to prove that they could flip the legislature in the Evergreen State. Voters gave them a swift reality check that they have no interest in the GOP agenda of overturning a fair and free election and banning abortion. Now, there is very little path forward for them to get even close to the majority. Republicans were eager to gain ground in Washington state, and voters showed them the door. 

“The RSLC added Washington to its flip list last month, and they did little more than light over half a million dollars on fire,” DLCC President Jessica Post said. “The RSLC and state Republicans clearly don’t realize how out of touch they are with the American people, and their extremist agenda isn’t helping them one bit. Voters know that the Republican agenda is to ban abortion, attack voting rights, and make it harder for working families to make ends meet. Despite the RSLC’s failure, the DLCC isn’t taking anything for granted this cycle and will work to hold Republicans accountable this fall.”

Earlier this year, the DLCC announced its Path to the Majority plan to defend Democratic majorities, mount a strong challenge in GOP-held chambers, and lay the groundwork to win the decade. As the official Democratic committee charged with winning  state legislatures, the DLCC is committed to building a strong Democratic infrastructure across the country.