RELEASE: Shocking Investigation Finds NH State Rep. Jon Stone Threatened Shooting Spree & Rape as a Law Enforcement Officer

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Stone Also Under Scrutiny For Engaging Inappropriately with a Minor

WASHINGTON — Bombshell reporting out of New Hampshire reveals that an internal investigation found Republican state Rep. Jon Stone threatened a violent shooting spree against his fellow police officers and threatened to rape the chief’s wife and kill his children – findings which ended his career in law enforcement. According to the reporting, he was also under investigation for allegedly engaging in an inappropriate relationship with a teenage girl. This reporting comes from internal investigation documents that were released last week, featuring testimony from former colleagues who described him as deranged and violent. Stone has been the subject of at least 14 internal affairs investigations, yet continues to represent Claremont in the New Hampshire House.

This disturbing report will have serious implications in November. The investigation into Rep. Stone is just the latest scandal from Republican legislators and candidates making up today’s Republican Party in New Hampshire. The Republican Party in New Hampshire has grown more and more extreme and is increasingly out of step with Granite State voters as they have prioritized attacking fundamental freedoms and using their legislative majorities to enact a MAGA agenda. Democrats need to gain just 7 seats to flip the 400-seat chamber, which would break the Republican trifecta in New Hampshire. Flipping the New Hampshire House is a top priority for the DLCC this cycle, as part of our expansive target map to build Democratic power across the country.

Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee National Press Secretary Sam Paisley issued the following statement:

“This shocking reporting should be disqualifying – no law enforcement officer should threaten a shooting spree and engage in inappropriate relationships with minors. This investigation unveils unstable and violent behavior that runs entirely counter to what Granite Staters deserve from their elected leaders. Unfortunately, Rep. Stone’s behavior is emblematic of what has become of the New Hampshire Republican Party.

“The margins in the New Hampshire House are razor tight, and accountability from voters can make all the difference in shifting the balance of power. The DLCC is committed to breaking the Republican trifecta to restore accountability around the currently unchecked GOP power and extremism. New Hampshire is a top target of the DLCC this cycle, and we’re all hands on deck to elect champions of fundamental freedoms – not criminals – to office in New Hampshire and across the country. This is the most important year in state legislative campaign history, and GOP officials like Rep. Stone will have to answer to voters for their disturbing and extreme behavior.”

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