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Shot/Chaser: Arizona Election Review Haunts the GOP

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WASHINGTON — The sham election review that Arizona Republicans have been pursuing is once again coming back to bite them as they try to recover public records from the discredited firm Cyber Ninjas. Senate Republicans hired the firm last year and are now attempting to obtain access to the records it was supposed to create as part of the conspiracy-fueled scheme to overturn the 2020 election results. 

SHOT: The Arizona Senate, Which Hired Cyber Ninjas, Now Desperately Seeking Its Election Records

CHASER: The Cyber Ninjas were clearly a sham firm from the beginning, and if Arizona Republicans actually cared about creating a transparent election process voters can trust, they would have never hired them. Now Arizona Senate Republicans don’t know what records the firm has access to or where the data is, all in the name of a sham election review that ultimately reaffirmed what we all knew a year ago — Joe Biden won the presidential race in Arizona. Here is just a reminder of how the company and the election review itself was an illegitimate Republican grift used to spread the Big Lie: