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“Show Up Armed:” Trump-Backed Candidate Encourages Supporters To “Be Prepared to Lock and Load”

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Speaking to a campaign crowd over the weekend, Michigan state Senate hopeful Mike Detmer actively encouraged his supporters to “show up armed” and bring weapons to the polls. The Trump-endorsed candidate left no room for doubt, punctuating his call to arms by declaring that “if we can’t change the tide, which I believe we can, we need to be prepared to lock and load.” Detmer’s comments are the latest in a disturbing trend of Michigan Republicans failing to deter Trump-inspired violence and continuing to spread falsehoods about a safe and secure election

“Violence against election workers should never be tolerated, let alone actively encouraged by an aspiring elected official,” DLCC vice president of communications Gabrielle Chew said. “It is disheartening and dangerous the lengths Michigan Republicans will go to appease the former president and manipulate free and fair elections. Michigan Republicans have shown us that democracy isn’t safe with them in charge. This madness must stop, and it will only stop when we elect Democrats and gain control of both chambers of the statehouse.” 

Detmer is far from the first Michigan Republican to egg on violent rhetoric.  Rep. Matt Maddock, whose wife Meshawn Maddock serves as co-chair of the Michigan GOP, attended the insurrection on January 6th and then received financial support from former president Trump’s PAC. Now he is in the running for Republican leader of the Michigan House with Trump’s support. As Trump and his aspiring authoritarian cronies in Michigan spout lies and condone violence, the DLCC calls upon Michigan Republicans to denounce this violent rhetoric and reiterates how crucial Michigan is in the ongoing battle for our democracy.