State Democrats Are Protecting Our Planet and Economy 

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — This Earth Day, the contrast between the work of state Democrats and Republicans to protect the environment couldn’t be more clear. Democrats are actively meeting the climate emergency by championing the economic and environmental well-being of today’s and future generations. While progress in Congress stalls, state Republicans continue to play politics with our planet by blocking critical climate protections in GOP-controlled states. Despite federal inaction and Republican resistance, Democratic state legislatures are passing legislation to protect our planet and build a sustainable economy that brings new jobs and better wages to American families. 

“While climate legislation stalls at the federal level, state Democrats are working to protect the environment by investing in a strong and sustainable economy,” said DLCC President Jessica Post. “Republicans want to slow down our progress by continuing to deny widely-accepted science, ignore the consequences of climate change, and block green technology and infrastructure opportunities from their constituents. Sadly, state Republicans are more interested in devoting their energy to unpopular ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bills and abortion bans that fail to address real issues. This fall, the only way to address climate change and make meaningful steps towards creating a sustainable economy is by electing Democrats to statehouses across the country.” 

In Democratic-led legislatures, lawmakers have adopted ambitious climate change legislation and set forth plans to build a new, green economy. Democrats are incentivizing sustainable energy sources, investing state funds into private projects that reduce gas emissions and expanding electric vehicle transportation capabilities. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the Grand Old Party – Republicans in Pennsylvania, like so many state Republicans across the nation,  just moved to block the state’s participation in climate protection programs.