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State of the States: Black Legislative Leaders Make History

Press Releases

Here at the DLCC, we have had a fun run over the last year or so with our weekly newsletter, celebrating Dem feats, noting GOP fails, and churning out a whole lotta snark in the process. T.G.I.S.O.T.S. Thank God It’s State of the States! The DLCC is here to help you catch up on the state legislative stories you might have missed. It’s March 3rd; ease into the weekend with a roundup of state stories from across the country.

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GOP Fail 

Democratic Leadership

Honorable Demmy mention goes to New Mexico Democrats, who advanced a trio of important bills this week. In the Senate, Democrats signaled support for a key, common-sense safety measure that would require safe gun storage, while also advancing a voting rights package on party lines that would enact automatic voter registration after getting a driver’s license, restore the voting rights of formerly incarcerated people, and greenlight the state’s Native American Voting Rights Act. House Democrats advanced a bill that would create significant incentives for firefighters who stay in the state. Working at the highest elevation of any statehouse in the country, New Mexico Democrats aren’t letting the lack of oxygen get in the way of enacting progress.