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State of the States: Groundhog Day: GOP Repeats Losing Abortion Strategy

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Happy Groundhog Day! We just received word that Punxsutawney Phil lifted his little furry head out of his hole, saw the GOP’s continued crusade against abortion access, voting rights, and LGBTQ+ Americans, and said, “nope, six more weeks!” But while we ride out the rest of this GOP-laden winter, at least…T.G.I.S.O.T.S. Thank God It’s State of the States! The DLCC is here to help you catch up on the state legislative stories you might have missed. It’s February 3rd; ease into the weekend with a roundup of state stories from across the country.

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GOP Fail 

Democratic Leadership

It’s officially award season, so the DLCC is reintroducing The Demmys, the premier award showcasing Democratic excellence throughout the states. A few nominees this week for the 2023 Caucus of Distinction Award: Michigan Democrats, for passing a historic spending bill that earmarks millions in new funding for expanding affordable housing and protecting local jobs. Maine Democrats, for proposing a series of bills to help protect trans rights within the state. And Georgia Democrats, for introducing a bill that would repeal the GOP’s cruel abortion ban. Tune in next week for more incredible nominees!