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State Republicans Pushing Anti-Black Reproductive Agenda

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — As the end of Black History Month approaches, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is condemning state Republicans for their relentless crusade against the health and safety of Black women. Across the country, state Republicans are pushing to restrict and ban abortion, refusing to expand Medicaid, and failing to address rising maternal mortality rates – all of which have a disproportionately negative effect on Black women.

“It’s high time for the so-called pro-life movement to be known for what it really is: anti-Black,” said DLCC President Jessica Post. “State Republicans hide behind religion and pseudoscience when the truth is that attacks on abortion access and reproductive health are rooted in white supremacy. Democrats know that racial justice hinges on reproductive justice and that’s why they are fighting to protect the right to an abortion and expand Medicaid to ensure the health and well-being of Black women across the country.”

Attacks on Abortion:

Refusal to Expand Medicaid: